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LUC Lantern - April 2009
President's Column; Eight Reasons Why Boulder County's
BuildSmart Program is Not So Smart

    • January 2008
      President's Column, Boulder County Code Revision Update

    • May 2007 Land (pdf, 134K)
      President's Column; LUC Letter to Planning Commission about Sustainability

    • February 2007 (pdf, 118K)
      President's Column, LUC Outreach: Forest Land Use Initiative

    • December 2006 (pdf, 134K)
      President's Column, LUC Letter to BOCC about the Code Revision Process

    • June 2006 (pdf, 134K)
      President's Column, The Merger Story

    • February 2006 (pdf, 111K)
      President's Column, Merger Update, Colorado State Legislature - Proposed land use legislation
    • September 2005 (pdf,112K)
      President's Column, Update on County Code Revision Process, Commissioner Hearing October 10, 2005, Land Use Code Revision Topics

    • June 2005 (pdf, 133K)
      President's Column; Update on County Code Revision Process; Land Use Code Revision Topics
    • February 2005 (pdf, 169K)
      President's Column; New Commissioners Want Your Input; Non-conforming uses and structures in Boulder County; Merger update; LUC Bumper Stickers!
    • July 2004  (pdf, 141K)
      President's Column; Vote in August 10 Primary; BOCC Merger text amendment hearing, August 24; Insuring Your Mountain Home
    • Summer 2003  (pdf, 211K)
      Meet our new President, Betty Gibbs; Our Common Ground Forum Bears Fruit; Bob Eason Wins nearly $1,000,000 ; Changing Landscape at the Land Use Department
      Legislative Update

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