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The LUC Mailing List is intended for notifying you of pertinent land use topics and activities of the LUC and broadcasting updates on state and local legislation. 

This mailing list is used only to notify members of upcoming hearings, occasional summaries of what transpired at hearings, to send the newsletter, and for important announcements. It is not a discussion list and if you send a message to the list, it will bounce. We do not bombard you with trivial messages. If you have important issues to bring to the attention of the Land Use Coalition, you are always welcome to send a message to:

Here's how to subscribe:

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  3. As a subscriber to the list, your email address will not be visible by other list subscribers on any email to the list, only the list name will be visible.

  4. Later, if you decide you no longer wish to participate in the mailing list, you may unsubscribe by using the email address provided within any message generated by the list or send an email to

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