At Present, the Land Use Coalition is inactive. However, several members are still available if you have questions about your property rights issues or just want to talk to someone.
Phone: 303 666 5872 (Eva)


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About The Land Use Coalition

History of the Land Use Coalition

Our grassroots organization grew from an overwhelming deluge of letters, phone calls and faxes to us, and to the Boulder County Commissioners protesting their imminent adoption of certain "slopes regulations" which would restrict a landowner's ability to build on slopes of over 20% grade. (1999)

The slopes issue brought us together but with all the letters and phone calls, many other issues emerged: the county's merging of contiguous properties, problems gaining access to properties, the county's treatment of applicants, and the Site Plan Review process itself.

We are committed to promoting education, awareness and support for landowners in Boulder County and beyond, while supporting open space, wildlife and preservation.

Officers and Executive Committee
Eva Kosinski, President
Richard Lefcourt, Vice President
Betty Gibbs, Secretary
Jeanne White, Treasurer


In addition to continuing to monitor the Commissioners, and making sure they have access to competent expert information, we take action in several other ways:

  • notifying landowners of county changes in policy or regulations in time for us to do something about it,
  • monitoring and lobbying state legislation which might impact our ability to build on our land,
  • identifying potential court cases to serve as test cases or group cases challenging the County's right to unreasonably interfere with our ability to build, and
  • form a support group for those of us going through the process, with tips and suggestions for the applicant obtaining a building permit.

Our long term goal is to make Boulder County government more accountable for its decisions, and more responsive to its citizens.


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