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Boulder County Building Codes Violate Property Rights
By Curtis Jones
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The Important and Current Stuff

Supreme Court Limits Rights Of Property Owners

06/23/2017 - The Supreme Court constrained the rights of property owners establishing a test that favors government officials in assessing the loss of property value caused by government regulations. Writing for a 5-3 court, Justice Anthony Kennedy explained that state and local officials can combine separate parcels of land in assessing whether local government has effectively seized private property through regulation, requiring compensation. The case concerned a Wisconsin family called the Murrs, who argued that the government has unconstitutionally taken their land by refusing to allow them to sell it. More

Homeowners vs City Hall

This happened awhile ago but it seems to me we are seeing more and more selective enforcement of often-overzealous building code and land use policies applied only when there's an intolerant or fussy neighbor with an extremely narrow confort zone, insisting that their more refined sensibilities dictate others' actions, or even times when they are applied only to those individuals who may have been critical of elected officials or policies, as a bit of spiteful payback.  In any case, what real harm is there in having an ugly trash bin or a ladder outside?  Seriously, intolerance seems to be becoming the order of the day. - Eva


Boulder County Fairness in Road Maintenance

Boulder County FIRM is an issue committee registered with the State of Colorado.  We are a group of your fellow citizens living in unincorporated Boulder County. The group was founded to protect property owners from excessive taxation by Boulder County to repair subdivision roads. Boulder County has neglected to maintain paved roads in subdivisions for about 15 years and has continued to collect property taxes which were in part designated for road repair. This situation affects over 10,000 property owners.

For more information about the history of this issue, the lawsuits and to keep up with the happenings of FIRM, visit their web site at:

Goals of the Land Use Coalition

We are committed to promoting education, awareness and support for landowners in Boulder County and beyond, while supporting open space, wildlife and preservation.

In addition to monitoring the Commissioners, and making sure they have access to competent expert information, we take action in several other ways:

  • notifying landowners of county changes in policy or regulations in time for us to do something about it,
  • monitoring and lobbying state legislation which might impact our ability to build on our land,
  • identifying potential court cases to serve as test cases or group cases challenging the County's right to unreasonably interfere with our ability to build, and
  • form a support group for those of us going through the process, with tips and suggestions for the applicant obtaining a building permit.

Our long term goal is to make Boulder County government more accountable for its decisions, and more responsive to its citizens.

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